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Dedicated to ardently capturing you with elegance, my photography is driven by a relentless passion for preserving your most cherished moments with the utmost grace and sophistication. Each frame is a testament to the genuine emotions, beauty, and connections that define your story. Through a blend of artistry and precision, I strive to encapsulate the essence of your unique journey, ensuring that every image radiates with the same elegance and fervor that you experience in those precious moments. It's my c

mr & mrs mcdermott

I am only a McDermott because

of love of my life

Michael Justin McDermott...

I met my husband over 7 years ago now! We have a unique and beautiful story! We met in Jeffreys Bay South Africa, on Christian Gap Year. Me a Canadian Girl, and Mike a Florida Boy met all the way on a different continent! It was meant to be! We have now been married for 4 years and run a little coffee shop in Flagler Beach FL. We are passionate entrepreneurs, we love people, we love God, and we really love coffee. I can't wait to tell you more when we hang out at your shoot ;)

with love, from love, for love

i believe people are our greatest goal...

i am so looking forward to the memories we create!

I cannot wait to get to know you and your story...

Established in Brooklyn, New York - Since 2066

you & yours + me & my creativity ( and maybe some coffee )


okay I am super normal until you put USHER on then it's done ;)

I am known to be the queen of ice breaking, the bridal party's favorite, the make you comfortable, and dance the night away with you while still capturing all the incredible action shots. Your wedding is more than the photos it's how you felt, who was there and how much you enjoyed yourself that really matters. book me if you want to have AMAZING PHOTOS AND THE BEST TIME EVER!

here's my story

Hey it's me rach!

Nice to meet you, I am Rach! That Canadian gal who traveled around the world, fell in love with an American boy while living in South Africa. Together we now run a little coffee shop in Flagler Beach, Florida called Yes Coffee. I've had quite the wild ride, and I couldn't be happier with how my life has turned out. I get to live creativley, freely and serving my community! What else do you want to know?

my favorite drink..

oooo okay first things first, an oat flat white and duhhh tequila :) you just can't go wrong with a good marg! But after that I love trying new things and tasting different flavors! Growing up in the Okanagan in canada gave me an appreciation for wine, craft beer, ciders, and good coffee! So bring it on!

if I could go to one place and why...

I have always been obsessed with Paris, the idea that I have of it at least, fresh baking, eating on the streets with friends and lovers... the art, the clothes, the music, the lifestyle, I love it all, especially the croissants! But I could never go to Paris without going to Italy to the Amalfi coast and immersing in their culture as well...so many places to go and to see

some random new passion...

I have found a passion for fitness over the last few years, so if I am not at the coffee shop or editing your photos I am probably at the gym, learning a new skill, lifting a barbell or doing a metcon. Yea I do that stuff! #strong #crossfit

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