Hey it's me rach!

just a girl in a beach town...

Nice to meet you, I am Rach! That crazy Canadian gal who traveled around the world, fell in love with an American boy while living in South Africa. Together we now run a little coffee shop in Flagler Beach, Florida called Yes Coffee. I've had quite the wild ride, and I couldn't be happier with how my life has turned out. I get to live creativley, freely and serving my community! What else do you want to know?

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Hey its me Rach!

I am a quirky Canadian Gal who loves coffee (get me an oat flat white and I will love you FOREVER) I am a total EXTROVERT, like I LOVE PEOPLE, I get a total buzz after weddings, parties, and days at work ( I know I am weird like that.) I also love getting down on the dance floor, laying at the beach, and taking photos of you and your lover.

You could swing by the coffee shop that I own with my husband, it's called Yes Coffee Co. Located in Flagler Beach Fl (it's kind of our love child) Or hey let's have dinner, my husband I love to cook. Call us crazy, but we are some coffee-loving, wannabe surfers, who met in South Africa, we love to travel, meet people and make wild memories. Ask us our story sometime!

My hope is that when you book me we become life long friends always connected, It's all about the experience for me, if we aren't having fun what are we doing!??


John & Gabby

John and I are so beyond happy that we chose Rachel to capture our engagement pictures for us! The planning process was so easy and fun! She let me put together a Pinterest board for inspiration so that we were on the same page for poses and the overall feel we were looking for. When we got to the shoot our nerves were immediately put to ease as Rachel started us off with easy posing and even brought along music which took the overall experience to a whole new level!

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