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we are provoking identity not just emotion.

As a photographer, whether its a wedding day or a product shoot my job is to behold beauty and excellently capture it in time. Creating still images is one thing, creating still images that evoke excellence, identity, and brand vision is another. With a wedding my primary focus is emotion, capturing the feelings of guests, the couple, and the family. When it comes to brands or other project the skill changes from emotional to a focus on firm values, lighting, color, mood.

with over a

a decade of experience..

With over a decade of experience, Rachel offers a professional and equally creative experience. Working with brands like Thursday's Shoe Company, RED espresso, Guitar Skills, Mango & Moose, Alexander Del Rossa, Flagler Beach Club, Next Door Bistro, and Yes Coffee. Her Work is published in Alabaster Co. and on Covers of many books and magazines. Her recent passion for food photography has dazzled the local restaurants and started a frenzy for fresh content. Her eye for light, angle, color and composition is like none other. Book Rachel for your brand she won't just capture content she will ask directed questions to find out who you are and hone in on what makes you, truly you.


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People often decide where to dine based on what they see online, so a professionally shot menu and atmosphere photos can make all the difference. These visuals give a sneak peek into the artistry and flavors that make your restaurant special, drawing in food lovers and social media influencers who want to share their experiences. By bringing in a skilled photographer to tell your restaurant's story visually, you'll not only stand out from the competition but also see an uptick in bookings and revenue.