WISCONSIN WEDDING, thrifted, simple, beautiful.

With recent COVID-19 developments this beautiful couple were forced to cancel their original wedding plan, venue and date. With the end of this pandemic no where in site they decided to pivot to having their wedding at the Bride's family farm in Spirit Wisconsin, the rolling hills of corn and roaming cattle and horses made for the perfect scene for a perfectly boho and thrifted vibe they have. Tirah, the bride got all their decor, for the reception, chairs for the ceremony all the way down to the lace, and cutlery from thrift stores. She scoured local thrift stores for months.

Her bouquet was a story all on it's own made of dried flowers from every date Jordan brought her flowers. A sweet sentiment to the love she has grown and anticipation of marriage. The story doesn't stop there, these two saved their first kiss to their wedding day. Some may say crazy, but it was intensely intimate, symbolic and full of promise and beauty. These two had a love that outreached physical attraction or just touch, they had a deep emotional bond, and the first kiss IT WAS REAL!!! And we were all there to celebrate, witness and sheer them on in their new covenant of marriage.

This beautiful Small Wisconsin Family Wedding on a Family Farm in Spirit Wisconsin, features unique items all thrifted items from chairs, lace, cutlery, decor, and plates, the ceremony in a field by her families livestock, rolling corn fields and over 100 acres of land. The bride is wearing a gown from Daughters of Simone, Olive Ave Ring, and custom made jewelry.

Reception was in a barn transformed just weeks before as this couple relocated for COVID-19 to a smaller venue and smaller guest list. Spirit, Wisconsin. Photography by @mrsrachelmcdermott | Dress by @daughtersofsimone | Ring by @oliveavejewelry | Bridesmaids Dresses Assorted from @asos @balticborn @lulus